2013 animations and Love on the Beach 2!

2013-02-13 22:47:53 by CooliSushi

Hello again guys! I am back and I got some pretty awesome animations coming this year, starting off with an animation called "Love on the Beach 2" I only had 3 weeks to animate this one, but I worked hard to get it done for you guys, so enjoy! If you haven't seen it just click this right here ->>> Love on the Beach 2

I'm working on a lot of animations/projects this year, I already have 2 other projects almost done and ready to be uploaded next month, I might be releasing another animation next week so keep a look out for it! (Follow me on twitter for the updates!)
Please I am active on twitter now, so if you would like to see updates from me just follow me @CooliSushi

I'm also working on a new series called Office Awesomeness, I am really trying to put a lot of work into these episodes that I am working on, my goal is to get 5 episodes done by the end of summer, so wish me luck guys!! :D

2013 animations and Love on the Beach 2!


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2013-02-14 04:20:47

Love it :D

CooliSushi responds:



2013-02-16 12:15:15

looks pretty good


2013-07-01 01:22:40

Good luck with your series! :) You've improved soooo much since I first met you, it's unbelievable! o_o Keep up the good work buddy, you're doing amazing! :) Btw, can't wait to see your series! :D